Vital Documents for Students

Visas for Students

In order to study at PSU, you need to apply for a non-immigrant “ED” visa and an international health & accident insurance before entering Thailand.

First, be sure that you have a passport valid for at least six months from the date you plan to begin your studies. If you do not already have a passport, you should apply for one in your home country.

Second, shortly after being accepted to PSU, you will receive a formal Letter of Acceptance necessary to apply for the student visa.

  • Applying for Non-immigrant “Ed” Visa

You should apply for a Non-immigrant “Ed” Visa at the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in your country by providing the following documents:

o Passport with validity not less than 6 months and photocopy,
o Visa application form completely filled out,
o Two recent photographs of the applicant (4 x 6 cm.),
o Acceptance Letter from PSU,
o Academic record and the Student ID (if currently studying),
o Visa fee (around $80),
o In some cases, a proof that you have enough money to cover your tuition and living expenses for you and any family members/dependents that come with you may be required.

* additional documents may be requested as deemed necessary; please check with the Royal Thai Embassy/ Consulate in your country.
* apply as early as possible and make sure you submit all required documents.

The validity of this visa is three months and, once in Thailand, you can apply for a one-year extension of stay through the Thai Immigration Bureau. This extension must be annually renewed for the period of study in Thailand. Currently, Hat Yai Immigration officers come to assist international students and staff with necessary immigration affairs at PSU Hat Yai Campus, usually every last Wednesday of the month.

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ID Cards

       Students are issued a temporary ID card at the Registration Division located at the Learning Resources Center (LRC) Building (a one-inch photograph is required). Students should apply for a permanent ID card at the Siam Commercial Bank, PSU Branch, at their earliest convenience (another one-inch photograph is required). The ID card will be issued in approximately one month and will also serve as an ATM card. Students  will need their ID cards to use the library and some other recreational facilities.


Thai Driving License for Foreigners

       PSU International staff and students in Hat Yai can obtain a Thai Driving License from Songkhla Department of Land Transport, which is on the road to Yo Island (Ko Yo), aprox. 20 km from Hat Yai. There are two cases as follows:

1. The first case is for foreigners who already got their own country driving license. If it is in English, they can submit a copy of it with the following documents to the Songkhla Department of Land Transport:
    - a copy of passport and visa
    - a copy of work permit (for employees)
    - a certified residency letter from the Immigration Office
    - a medical certificate
However, if their own country driving license is not in English, they must get a certified translation of it and submit it with other aforementioned documents.
2. The second case is for those who do not have their own country driving license. In this case, they must submit the aforementioned documents and take the written examination (in English or Chinese) and the driving test that is the same for all applicants.
For further information, please contact the Songkhla Department of Land Transport in person or by phone at 074-330248


Necessary Documents for Immigration Affairs


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Hat Yai Immigration officers will come to PSU Hat Yai Campus to assist foreigners with necessary
immigration affairs on the last Wednesday of each month at the President’s Office Building.