Since 1979, PSU has supported the research publications by creating several PSU journals. At the beginning, besides academic articles, the journals also included general and academic news. In 1981, Professor Vijarn Panit, M.D., served as the chief editor who reformed the format of the journals into a complete academic journal, which published only academic articles. Journals also emphasize on articles’ quality and accept articles from both around Thailand and other countries. The journals were published quarterly (4 publications/year). However, since journals accepted articles from all disciplines, they offered too much diversity in content. Therefore, in 1992, the university divided the journals into 3 disciplines: science and technology, medicine, and social science and humanities. Each journal has its own development, as follows:

       The Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology (SJST) was developed from PSU Journal, Science and Technology edition. Today, the journal is considered an international publication, included in databases like Scopus, WorldCat, DOAJ, MAqistri SCholared, Sci Finder, and is to be included in ISIS database in the near future. Based on Journal Ranking by SCImago Journal Rang (SJR), which ranks international journals in Scopus database, SJST is at number 10,965 out of 18,854. In Thailand, SJR placed SJST at number 10, though other journals placed in higher rank were found to be discipline specific hence were searched more frequently. SJST is ranked in the higher rank among university’s journals.

       SJST has celebrated its 34th years of publication and is the first journal to publish every 2 months (6 publications/year). It is also the only journal in Thailand to use Scholar One system to evaluate online articles, which speeds up the reviewing process. More details at, or direct questions to Ms. Usanee Sribenjapol and Ms. Muthita Wareerat at Journal Management Office, tel. 0-7428-6959, email: