Useful phone numbers and information

Hat Yai Campus Telephone Numbers:
Hospital Emergency Room: Tel. Ext. 1700-1701
Security Office: 074 558863, 074 282190-1

Other Useful Telephone Numbers
Thailand Emergency Call Tel: 191
Hat Yai Immigration Office Tel: 0 7425 7019
Hat Yai Railway Station Tel: 0 7423 8005, 0 7424 6267
Hat Yai Bus Terminal Tel: 0 7423 2789, 0 7423 2404
Thai Airways International (Hat Yai Office) Tel: 0 7422 3775, 0 7423 3433

Tourist Information Services
Tourist information is available at the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) in Bangkok and the major cities, and at the TAT information counters in every airport.

TAT Call Center Tel: 1672
TAT Hat Yai Tel: 0 7424 3747, 0 7423 8518
Tourist Police, Bangkok, Tel: 1155 (Toll Free 24 hours)
Tourist Police, Hat Yai, Tel: 0 7424 6733

International Airports
Thailand currently has five international airports: Suvarnabhumi, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Hat Yai and Phuket airports.

Suvarnabhumi Airport Tel: 0 2132 1182-3
Hat Yai Airport Tel: 0 7422 7131

International Phone Calls
International calls can be made with your mobile phone. First dial 001, 006, 008, or 009 then enter the country code + area code + number. Dialing 001 is the most expensive; the other are usually cheaper. However, the cost depends on where you are calling to.

The cheapest way to make an international call is to buy a “CAT Phone Net”, “CAT Thai Card”, or “Thookdee Card” at any convenience stores or bookstores. Instructions are usually found on the card.

Electrical System in Thailand
The electricity in Thailand operates at 220 V, 50 Hz. Some appliances, such as Notebook adaptors, Cellular phone chargers, electric shavers, digital camera chargers will likely support universal voltage (any system from 100 V to 250 V). However, please verify the voltage requirements of your appliances before plugging them into a socket. Most parallel (rectangular or round) connectors will fit. Otherwise, an adaptor is needed.